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Bundesliga Preview 2016-2017

Previews for every team in this years Bundesliga.

What’s on the Horizon for Hoffenheim

How much success can SAP buy?

BVB Season Preview: Everything You Need to Know at the Start of The Season

Facts and links to every important thing you need to know for the season.

Sch*lke Season Preview: On Bundesliga Titles...

...and other unachievable dreams.

Hamburger SV Season Preview: Finally some consistency?

Bremen Season Preview: A Rough Start To A Rough Season

The struggle is far from over

SC Freiburg Season Preview: Groundhog day

Scouting Our Next Coach...I mean Mainz

Can the 05ers build on last year’s Europa League finish?

Baby Bee Season Review: What Happened Last Season

Part 1 of 3

FC Ingolstadt Preview

It's only FC Ingolstadt's second-ever season in the top flight of German football. Can they solidify their place in the Bundesliga?

RB Leipzig Season Preview: On the History of Bull Farming

Eintracht Frankfurt Season Preview: The next relegation battle?

FC Augsburg Season Preview: Does Another Mid-table Finish Await?

European glory is only a distant memory for the Bavarian side

Köln Season Preview: Once more with feeling

Auba and Friends: Dissecting Dortmund’s attack

There’s only one main attraction up top for Dortmund, but many parts beneath him are required for it all to work.

Hertha BSC Season Preview: More Disappointment in Berlin?

A rude awakening for the "Alte Dame"?

Leverkusen Season Preview

A vastly improved Leverkusen squad looks to contend for the Bundesliga title