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Discussing These Reus Rumors

Is the BVB club legend headed for the exit door?

FC Augsburg v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by Sebastian El-Saqqa - firo sportphoto/Getty Images

Reports this week have indicated that Marco Reus’s future at BVB may be far from certain, with the former club captain and sporting hero nearing the end of his short-term contract. With BVB looking to get the Sebastian Kehl era back on track in the summer, squad places and funds will need to be available to strengthen the squad.

Look, I’m not going to let myself get too sucked into media speculation. No, Marco Reus has not yet extended his contract. At the same time last year, he also had not extended his contract, nor had Mats Hummels. In 2023 it was widely speculated that Reus and Hummels would be (and were) offered performance-related contracts, and at this point, it’s unfair to think the same wouldn’t apply. It would be hard to argue that Hummels and Reus have not performed on those performance-related contracts, with Hummels having one of the finest seasons of football in his career, and Reus currently the third-best scorer in the side. Sebastian Kehl also just finished navigating two extremely challenging loan negotiations for Ian Maatsen and Jadon Sancho; he can be forgiven for not having Reus’s extension at the forefront of his mind.

SV Darmstadt 98 v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by Sebastian El-Saqqa - firo sportphoto/Getty Images

Reus has had plenty of media speculation this season, coming under different forms of scrutiny on a regular basis. If you ask the man himself, however, he is seemingly nonplussed about his contract situation.

“In due course, like last year, we will sit down together and talk about what happens next. I’m very relaxed about it and don’t feel any pressure to address the topic at the moment.” - Marco Reus to Sport1

To those of you who fear Reus’s eventual departure from BVB and the dying embers of his career, let me be clear: me too. Reus is a player I have idolized since I began to follow professional football, and I have struggled to come to terms with the eventual conclusion of his time on the pitch. In January of 2024, however, let’s keep the speculation to a minimum—there are much bigger fish to fry for BVB.