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Looking Around the League: Dortmund Climb, Union Berlin Tumble

Heading into the next matchday, there’s more opportunity for shuffling.


After a very timid performance in the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain, Borussia Dortmund desperately needed a win to get some momentum back and put together something resembling a title challenge. Against Wolfsburg, BVB managed to command enough of the game to get them in the mix at the top of the pack, although wins from the other contenders have kept BVB out of the top four for now. Elsewhere, Hoffenheim cleared away Union Berlin, suggesting that their bottom-table woes of last season may be behind them.


Stuttgart 3-1 Darmstadt

Augsburg 2-1 Mainz

Bayern 7-0 Bochum

Dortmund 1-0 Wolfsburg

‘Gladbach 0-1 Leipzig

Union Berlin 0-2 Hoffenheim

Bremen 2-1 Köln

Leverkusen 4-1 Heidenheim

Frankfurt 0-0 Freiburg

League Table

Hoffenheim, Another Pretender Season?

Around this time last season, we debated who was a contender and who was a pretender among the teams in the top six. Opinions on Hoffenheim were mixed. They would go on to lose almost every remaining game in 2022, and most in 2023. In this a case of history repeating itself?

In Union Berlin, Hoffenheim have beaten a formidable Bundesliga side who most would argue deserved last year’s title on fairytale theatrics alone. The squad has not shifted dramatically, but the acquisition of Anton Stach from Mainz adds some new flavor to their midfield, and Wout Weghorst should give them a new attacking profile. Hoffenheim have kept Pellegrino Matarazzo at the helm, and potentially with some time and patience, he can get Hoffenheim moving in the right direction again.

Sehrou Guirassy, What’s the Deal, Man?

Bundesliga player of the season Sehrou Guirassy. That was on everyone’s bingo card, right? The Guinean striker, who played three seasons for FC Köln, has already notched more goals this season than he did in his entire time with the Billygoats. Ten goals and an assist in five games isn’t just applaudable, it’s outrageous. While I’m sure Guirassy will eventually slow down (or maybe not?), watching him clobber the Bundesliga’s mid-table opposition has certainly been a treat. Credit should also be given to guys like Chris Führich who has been laying on plenty of assists for his frontman.

Who impressed you the most on Matchday five? What are Dortmund in for against Hoffenheim? Let us know in the comments.