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Borussia Dortmund Unveil 2023/24 Away Kit

PUMA’s record as BVB’s kit manufacturer hasn’t exactly been stellar. Their latest effort isn’t their worst, but that might be more of a comment on the standards they’ve set so far.

Heading into the weekend with a match against local rivals VfL Bochum, we need something exciting as a little pick-me-up, to lift the spirits for BVB’s first away game of the season. What better way to do exactly that than to give the squad some fresh garms to make them feel fancy tomorrow afternoon? Clearly the club were thinking the exact same thing, having officially unveiled Borussia Dormund’s new away kit for the 2023/24 Bundesliga season this morning, across BVB’s social media channels.

The away kit doesn’t stray far from the typical design choices made with Dortmund away kits, but the addition of some yellow detailing in conjunction with the typical black with grey detailing gives this one a slightly fresher feel than usual. The grey detailing paints an aerial view of the Borsigplatz, which is a nice touch. I’m still undecided on exactly how I feel about this kit, but I am confident I don’t hate it.

A closer look at the new BVB away kit

I am always excited about the kit announcements when heading into a new season. I like to see who has put all their eggs in the “we’re going to look very cool while we constantly disappoint our fans” basket. While I enjoy seeing who will be very fancy next season and who has dropped a clanger, I am always most excited about seeing what the Southampton and Borussia Dortmund kits are going to look like.

Since Hummel took over as Southampton’s kit provider, Southampton tend to do a pretty good job. This season’s kits are wonderful. It’s a shame they are not in the Premier League to show them off to the maximum number of fans. PUMA, on the other hand, have a much less positive track record.

I’m not sure where I’d place BVB’s 2023/24 away in PUMA’s all-time list, but I know it is not that close to the bottom of the pile. PUMA have successfully come up with some of my least favourite football kits in recent years, this season’s home among the very worst I’ve ever seen. I hate it with a burning passion. It’s trash. So I’m pleased to see the away kit won’t annoy me every time I see it. I think the yellow detailing helps this a little, and I am glad they did something normal and not incredibly cringe with the grey detailing. They’ve set an extremely low bar for themselves, but credit where it’s due, I think PUMA have done a not atrocious job this time. Congratulations!

Your Thoughts?

How do you feel about this season’s away kit? Where does it rank in your list of BVB’s best and worst kits?