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The Daily Bee: Borussia Dortmund are Coming to the United States!

The Black and Yellow will be playing several friendlies over the summer in the United States.

Chelsea FC v Borussia Dortmund: Round of 16 Second Leg - UEFA Champions League Photo by Jacques Feeney/Offside/Offside via Getty Images

Hey Everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your week and recovering from Saturday’s less-than-ideal game. Despite the post-loss blues, Tuesday brought much-needed joy for Dortmund fans, especially those in the United States.

Borussia Dortmund are traveling to the USA

On Tuesday, the team announced that they “will once again travel to the USA” this summer. The club looks set to play several friendlies against other European clubs, and maybe some smaller international clubs, in the States. The first match announced is against Manchester United on July 30th in Allegiant Field, Las Vegas. The clubs look set to announce several more matches over the coming weeks.

Now, I understand not everyone who reads Fear The Wall is an American but we do have a reasonable American readership so here’s the lowdown for those interested in going:

Borussia Dortmund’s first match will be the one against Manchester United. I assume they will spend one and a half to two weeks before returning to Dortmund in preparation for the season. Additionally, on the club’s press release mentions “BVB will visit several cities in the West and Midwest of the country from the end of July”. So for those on the east coast of the country; Sorry but your hometown won’t be hosting any Dortmund games. Finally, presale begins tomorrow, April 6, at 12pm EST.

For those not interested or unable to attend the games, there are still some takeaways. The trip is sponsored by both the DFL, who looks to be trying to expand the Bundesliga in the United States, and EVONIK who was recently ousted as Dortmund’s main shirt sponsor for 1&1. Not only does this mean Dortmund will continue to make a push to grow in the United States but it also means that EVONIK are a continued cornerstone in Dortmund’s economic future. Additionally, the club will have a busy summer with a United States tour and the usual Bad Ragaz training camp in Switzerland. It remains to be seen when that camp will be scheduled.

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Will you be going to the Dortmund friendlies in the US? Also, what are your thoughts on European teams playing friendlies abroad? Do you enjoy the games or think they’re a waste of time?