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The Daily Bee: SHOCK! Gregor Kobel Not Interested In a Move to Chelsea

One of BVB’s happiest and most in form players reportedly likes his job.

Borussia Dortmund v Eintracht Frankfurt - Bundesliga Photo by Marvin Ibo Guengoer - GES Sportfoto/Getty Images

Good morning, Fear the Wall.

Well, not a ton going on today. Seems like the calm before the storm for BVB, as the emotional high of topping the table has ebbed into a cautious, tentative apprehension about the coming matches. Sure, BVB have five games to get it done... but that’s five more games.

To lift your spirits, the reliable Florian Plettenberg has reported that Gregor Kobel, who gave us this gem a year ago...

“If I can say at the end of my career that I played 16 years at Borussia Dortmund like Roman Weidenfeller, then I would have a very happy end to my career.”

...reportedly plans to continue his career at BVB, uninterested in approaches from Chelsea.

Gregor Kobel is, in short, awesome. He loves BVB, he wears his heart on his sleeve, and he embodies everything about this club that makes us fans. I hope he continues to look at the goalkeeper-murdering club that is Chelsea (see Kepa, Mendy) and stay safely between the sticks at the Westfalenstadion.

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“I’d love, more than anything at the moment to win the league for this club, after everything it’s given me. I’m giving absolutely everything.”

Florian Plettenberg is also linking BVB with Chelsea’s Connor Gallagher, who is valued at €50 million. So yea that’s all the coverage we will be giving that today, or ever.

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Is Gregor Kobel BVB’s MVP? Should he be a candidate for captaincy? Let us know in the comments.