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The Daily Bee: Bayern Munich Mia San Mi-out of the Champions League

Plus, Milan and Inter will face off for a chance to make it to the final!

FC Bayern München v Manchester City: Quarterfinal Second Leg - UEFA Champions League Photo by Rene Nijhuis/BSR Agency/Getty Images


Fancy-pants Paul is going to “Oxford” today (that’s probably what he and his mates call their local pub) so I have been voluntold to write the Daily Bee in his stead. Yes, I am technically the editor-in-chief or... something like that, so I easily could have told him to pound sand and laughed maniacally in his face, but I am also a merciful and generous editor-in-chief, so I graciously chose to acquiesce to his request. Am I really to condemn Paul for wanting a simple trip to the pub?

Plus, now I get to be the one to report this!

Bayern Munich have fallen out of the Champions League after drawing Manchester City 1-1 yesterday, and losing 4-1 on aggregate to Pep Guardiola’s side. Despite missing a penalty, BVB alum Erling Haaland earned a brace over the course of the 180 minute tie.

Unfortunately, Bayern’s ineptitude in the Champions League and the DFB Pokal means that they only have one competition to focus on, which is the Bundesliga. Thankfully, Dortmund’s own ineptitude means the Bundesliga is also the only competition we have to focus on. Two fat, bumbling cows meandering towards the finish line, each trying not to be the stupid one that trips over its legs and falls short. It should be a thrilling title race!

The Milan SemiDerby

AC Milan and Inter Milan have spent all year jockeying for Champions League qualification in Serie A. Now, instead of simply trying to earn another go next year, they both have a serious chance of outright winning the whole thing this season, after both sides advanced to the Semifinals, where they will face each other with a trip to Istanbul for the 2023 Champions League final.

This means that there will be a home and away leg at the San Siro! I wonder how they will organize that. Can you imagine if the away goal rule was still in effect, and one team was eliminated based entirely on which match at the same stadium was labelled an away match?

The Daily Buzz

Which Milan side would you like to make it to the Champions League Final?