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The Daily Bee: UCL Showdown at Stamford Bridge

Borussia Dortmund Travel Pictures and Training Session Photo by Alexandre Simoes/Borussia Dortmund via Getty Images

After an uneventful month of BVB football, you could be forgiven for forgetting BVB were even playing Chelsea today.

As. If.

Tonight BVB face Todd Boehly’s super team for the second time, bringing a 1-0 advantage with them to London. It should be a tense affair, as BVB seek to reach the quarterfinals of the UCL for the first time since… Terzic was the head coach. Chelsea have not reversed their fortunes much since the last meeting, continuing their poor run of form and losing a few key starters.

All eyes will be on the UCL; here are the teams facing off across Europe both today and tomorrow.

Benfica v Brugge (2-0)

Bayern v PSG (1-0)

Tottenham v AC Milan (0-1)

While the tie in Portugal is likely settled, there is everything to play for in the other two matches. Bayern Munich will hope that PSG without Neymar lack the cutting edge they need to turn the tide of the tie, but chances are the other ten world-class players in their team will be equally ready to upset the Bavarians at home.

Tottenham are staring another trophy-less season dead in the eyes, as AC Milan hold the cards in that tie. Chances are, given Tottenham’s ethos, they will get very close to winning that match only to lose in extraordinary fashion.

Sorry Sean.

The Links

Neymar will be out for the remainder of the season and will undergo surgery on his ankle.

If you somehow missed it, Liverpool beat Manchester United 7-0 this weekend. It was quite the spectacle.

The Daily Buzz

If BVB advance, who would be your ideal opponent in the next round?