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The Daily Bee: Frankfurt Set Champions League Hopes (and Several Cars) on Fire

Victor Osimhen lit Frankfurt on Fire, and Frankfurt lit some cars on fire.

Clashes during Champions League match Napoli vs Eintracht Frankfurt Photo by Stringer/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Paul is “busy” with “things” or whatever, so I have been pressed into service at his behest. And yes, I did technically volunteer to do so when he asked if any writer could cover for him, but that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about it.

The Dream is Over for Eintracht Frankfurt

I don’t know about you guys, but my bracket is totally busted, because I had Eintracht going to the final. If they could win the Europa League against Rangers, then surely they could win some tinpot trophy like the Champions League. And Napoli, how good could they be?

Oh. That good.

I’m kidding, clearly. I watched the first leg in Frankfurt, and Napoli picked them apart with ease. It turns out the team that is tearing through Serie A like a hot knife through butter is also pretty decent in the Champions League. They blew out Eintracht Frankfurt mercilessly, and could easily go on to win the entire tournament with how good they looked.

Unfortunately, getting blown out on the pitch wasn’t even the worst part of the day for Eintracht. Not only did Frankfurt get their clocks cleaned by Napoli, but a few Frankfurt fans probably got their clocks cleaned by some police truncheons as well:

Sarah discussed this in her article the other day. Nobody wants to watch football under a heavy policy presence. Unfortunately, a large contingent of Eintracht Frankfurt fans decided to act like boneheads and terrorize the streets of Naples (allegedly helped by a group of Atalanta fans), which required a heavy police presence.

While German football fans are famous for their passion and noise, this type of behavior is too far.

Liverpool Get Real Madrid-ed

There’s one team that no matter what, no matter when, Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool is simply unable to defeat.

The Links

  • According to Ruhr Nachrichten, Marco Reus will be ready to play against Cologne this weekend.
  • While BVB were in London, Chelsea held a meeting with Gregor Kobel’s representatives, although it’s not clear they went anywhere.

The Daily Buzz

Do Napoli have what it takes to win it all in the Champions League?