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The Daily Bee: The Super League is Back!

The European Super League idea has reared its ugly head again, but this time taking the form of a multi-division European league system?

UEFA Champions League”Juventus FC v Real Madrid”

Good Morning Fear the Wall,

Remember when the richest clubs in European football clubbed together to complain that they are simply not making the kind of money they deserve and that the only solution was for them to come together to form a European Super League that is closed off from the peasantry and guarantees them the money that belongs to them? Remember when it collapsed under the weight of pressure from fans and the media? You remember that don’t you...?

Well, I have fantastic news for you. The Super League is back!

The new proposal isn’t the exact same thing as the original Super League idea. It’s also not entirely clear (to me at least) what they’re actually proposing. Is this supposed to sit on top of the domestic leagues? Do teams that win their leagues get promoted into this one? I don’t know.

I think it’s fair to say that football is broken in its current form. The Premier League is completely demolishing the rest of Europe financially, and as Premier League clubs start to spend more wisely, that’s going to lead to greater dominance in European competitions too. I don’t buy that this Super League is the answer, mostly because the incentives driving these proposals are not the long-term stability and competitive balance of European football. I do think that we need to start asking these questions, at the very least.

The Links

  • BILD has revealed that Christian Preußer was sacked as the head coach of the Borussia Dortmund U23s because he wasn’t giving enough playing time to BVB’s young stars.
  • Marius Wolf was withdrawn from last night’s DFB-Pokal win against VfL Bochum with an injury, but the initial indications are that it is nothing too serious.

The Daily Buzz

Is the Super League idea inevitable? What will it end up looking like? Is football just broken and there’s no way of fixing it?