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The Daily Bee: Watzke Reacts to BVB’s Win Against Freiburg

Dortmund’s boss had a lot of praise for the squad, but some caution too. Was he too pessimistic?

DFB Announces New Director Of Germany’s Men’s National Team Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Finally! A one-sided, convincing, and comprehensive win. One minor hiccup aside, Borussia Dortmund were the better side from start to finish on Saturday, for the first time since the Bundesliga re-started in January. BVB controlled possession, mostly defended well, ran rampant along the wings, and racked up five goals along the way.

The highlight, of course, was Sébastien Haller’s goal. His first in front of the Yellow Wall in a BVB shirt and his first since he finished his cancer treatment,

BVB CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke gave an interview yesterday, and he was very positive about Dortmund’s performance on Saturday. Per Ruhr Nachrichten, Watzke heaped praise upon Julian Brandt and Karim Adeyemi. He especially praised the latter, claiming that he could tell that something seemed different in Adeyemi in training in Marbella in January.

I’ve seen some folks online criticizing Watzke for something else he said in the interview. Watzke does have a tendency to downplay positive results, and he did so again to RN, saying “It is important to me that the people involved with us can correctly assess and evaluate the situation. And the development of a team also includes setpacks. With the quality we have in our squad - despite the great series, there will definitely be setbacks again.”

A few people I saw called this overly pessimistic, but I don’t necessarily agree. As I mentioned above, Watzke also heaped a ton of praise on the squad for its performance against Freiburg. I understand the frustration because the team finally had a big win, but there was a lot of negativity over the past month even with BVB’s perfect record. Going back and forth between emotional highs, in both directions, is only going to make the season more stressful.

Karim Adeyemi Takes a Tumble

This dude just can’t win. He had arguably his best game in a BVB shirt on Saturday morning, and the only thing anyone is talking about is this:

Adeyemi scored a goal, drew a vital red card that changed the game, and set a top speed record for the entire Bundesliga this season, but him absolutely eating shit during the team’s celebration of Sébastien Haller’s goal beats them all.

If anything, us Dortmund fans should breathe easy simply because Adeyemi managed to take the fall without snapping his ulna or something.

Fuck Cancer

Fuck Cancer.

The Daily Buzz

Was Watzke being too negative for pointing out that there will be setbacks?