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The Daily Bee: Borussia Dortmund’s New Blackout Kit

BVB will wear the all-black kits against Hertha Berlin later in the month.

Good Morning Fear the Wall,

With the January transfer window officially closed, and the dust settled after Chelsea bought every single professional football player in the world, we don’t have as much fun news to report in the Daily Bee. I was dreading having to scrabble together some garbage from a press conference about some player that is or is not doing quite well at the moment, and pretend that it is both interesting and consequential. That was, until I saw these images of a new BVB kit circulating on Twitter!

Borussia Dortmund & Puma like to release these special edition kits every now and then, and they tend to be a real hit (usually because they’re much nicer than our actual kits). The last special edition kit was the neon yellow and black number.

I like the look of this kit a lot. At first glance I think I prefer the (very) limited edition blackout kit from a few years ago, but both are very nice. I hope this one is a little easier to get hold of though!

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I’ve probably asked this one before but who really cares anymore? What is your favourite BVB kit ever? Here’s mine (although special mention also goes to this stunner).