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Official: Gregor Kobel Extends to 2028

BVB complete the most important move of the season.

Gregor Kobel has extended his contract until 2028, and WHAT A RELIEF IT IS. Looking at this Borussia Dortmund squad, Gregor Kobel is arguably Dortmund’s best and most important player. Kobel has solidified the BVB defense, becoming the cornerstone of a long-term core. Beyond his enormous talent, Kobel has also proven to be one of the rare gems who seriously values his place in Dortmund, and is confident in the potential of the organization to grow to new heights. With Kobel between the sticks, that vision becomes significantly clearer.

Since joining from Stuttgart in 2021, Kobel has only grown in skill and importance for this side. He has doubled his transfer value according Transfermarkt (although a valuation of 35 million euros is a harsh insult to him), and in the end of last season, he even racked up multiple awards at the famous Yellow Globes. For all the questionable moves that have been made in the summer, it’s nice to see that Dortmund are still able to make some statement moves like this one. Greg clearly loves to be in Dortmund, and oh boy, do I have the feeling that everyone at and around the club loves him too. If not — this report from Ruhr Nachrichten will maybe change your mind:

Both for Dortmund as a club and for us as a fanbase, there have already been a lot of up’s and down’s this season, but if you ask me, this is the biggest transfer related UP since Dortmund signed Jude Bellingham. If this re-signing is any indication of the path that Dortmund want to be on, I think we can look very much forward to the next transfer period as well.

Your Thoughts?

How do you rate this extension? I personally would give it a good 12 out of 10. Let’s celebrate in the comment section! Tell me the three first words that pop into your mind, when thinking about Greg.