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The Daily Bee: A Word on the SB Nation Situation

Borussia Dortmund v FC Augsburg - Bundesliga Photo by Alexandre Simoes/Borussia Dortmund via Getty Images

Hello, everyone.

I wanted to start with some saddening news that broke late last week. On Friday morning, the editors of all the SB Nation MLS, NHL, MMA, and several other sites received an unceremonious email from the CEO of Vox Media, the parent company that owns SB Nation, indicating that Vox would no longer support their sites financially or administratively. This move will shut down dozens of vibrant fan communities, including those that generate millions of page views each month.

I can say firsthand that the writers and editors who work for SB Nation earn peanuts compared to the value they produce, and some of the best sports journalism I’ve ever read came from the sites that were shut down last week. If Vox needs to worry about the several hundred dollars that each of these sites are paid per month, then that company has much bigger financial problems.

While neither Fear the Wall nor any of the other European Football SB Nation sites were permanently shut down, several, such as Bavarian Football Works, had their podcasts shuttered.

I’ll be honest: many of the MLS and NHL sites that were shut down received much higher viewership than we do. I don’t know what exactly made Vox Media decide to cut some sites but not others, but it does not instill confidence that the future of this site is secure. Knowing that we could unceremoniously be shut down is not a good feeling, but until that happens, we will continue to operate as normal, and hope that you all continue to read our content and participate in our community.

Now onto the fun stuff:

Gio Reyna Shows Some Attitude

Say what you will about Gio Reyna, but the dude clearly has incredible talent. After his public feud with U.S. Men’s National Team Coach Gregg Berhalter during the World Cup, and all the ensuing drama involving his parents, there’s nothing Gio would have wanted nothing more than to hit the ground running with a successful second half of Bundesliga action. He couldn’t have asked for a better start than his game-winning golazo yesterday, and he took the opportunity to celebrate with some sass.

Borussia Dortmund v FC Augsburg - Bundesliga Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images

You might not remember, but that was the same celebration that Memphis Depay used after he scored against the USMNT during the World Cup. If you’re wondering why Gio is making a callback to a random celebration from two months ago, this might jog your memory:


F**k Cancer

In the midst of Sebastien Haller’s emotional return to the football pitch, he sported boots with a notable message:

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