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In Review: BVB Fall Fashion

How to look sharp this fall in black and yellow (mostly black, apparently)

Jude Bellingham At The Tailor Shop Photo by Alexandre Simoes/Borussia Dortmund via Getty Images

With the fall season comes cooler temps leading many to breakout their favorite hoodies and sweaters or even check out some of the latest fashion trends. NYC Fashion Week is around the corner where many designers will be revealing their fall fashion lines. It’s no surprise then that the ever fashion-forward BVB FanShop has recently debuted not one, but two new lines for fans to blend their love for football into their non-matchday wardrobes just in time for Champions League play to begin.

Culture Collection

If Europecore is your wardrobe aesthetic, this line is for you. The collection is mainly black on black featuring a modern design with both Puma and BVB logos on full display. Ideal for a more subtle approach to showcase your love for BVB whilst yelling at the TV about slights committed against your team during the watch party at the local pub or being seen on camera directing obscene gestures at the ref while attending a match. Fancy a splash of color? There’s an option for you too with the “striking red” t-shirt.

There are 7 pieces in the Culture Collection for your choosing:

  1. Hoodie
  2. Backpack
  3. Sweatshirt
  4. T-Shirt (Red)
  5. T-Shirt (Black)
  6. Kids T-Shirt (Black)
  7. Leisure Jacket

FTW’s Culture Collection Must Have: Sweatshirt

The coziness factor of this sweatshirt is high and the comfortable fit makes it the perfect source of emotional support when your team totally bombs on matchday.

Casual Collection

If you prefer a more Normcore vibe, you definitely want to check out this line. While this collection is similarly saturated by black on black coloring, there are hints of yellow for BVB traditionalists who don’t want to be in your face about it. There’s no mistaking that BVB yellow with the classic logo and other minimalist accents. Whether embroiling yourself in a debate on how you could have done better at selecting this week’s team lineup in the comments section of the Match Thread or recycling tired memes and GIFs to gain followers on football Twitter, the Casual Collection is effortlessly incorporated into your daily look.

The Casual Collection also features 7 pieces to suit your need:

  1. Hooded Jacket
  2. Hooded Jacket (Kids)
  3. Polo Shirt
  4. Sweatpants
  5. Sweatshorts
  6. T-Shirt
  7. T-Shirt (Kids)

FTW’s Casual Collection Must Have: Polo Shirt

The versatility of the classic polo style make this the “must have” of the collection to flaunt your superior taste in leagues and teams.

What do you think of BVB’s fall fashion offerings? What will you be adding to your closets this season? Sound off in the comments below!