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The Daily Bee: Rejoice, the International Break is Over!

We need the Bundesliga to return so there’s actually something to talk about.


Congratulations folks. The international break is over, and we no longer have to watch the slow, boring football that national teams tend to play. We’ve braved the storm and are back into the calm seas of domestic football. We even managed to avoid every single one of Borussia Dortmund’s players suffering an injury! What a thrill.

There’s virtually nothing to talk about. I suppose I could mention that the Bundesliga is kicking back off tomorrow, with Bayern Munich facing Bayer Leverkusen. That’ll be exciting something to watch, won’t it?

The Links

  • Apparently Reinier had some stuff to say about his loan spell at BVB. I’m not all that shocked that he’s not best pleased about how it turned out, though it’s hard to know who is really at fault for that.
  • BVB are in talks with Youssoufa Moukoko about extending his contract. Currently there is some distance between what the club is offering and what the player’s representatives are asking, but there is a willingness from both sides that suggests this will get ironed out over time.

The Daily Buzz

Oh I don’t know, do I? The last couple Daily Bees during the international break, after the international games have actually been played, are the worst of all. There’s literally nothing to talk about.

What should the Daily Buzz question be? There you go. Do my work for me. Thanks. I hate it here (in this terrible purgatory between the international break and the return of domestic football).