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The Daily Bee: Reyna is Hurt, Keita Might Come to Dortmund, and I Miss Mo Dahoud

The Dahoud part isn’t related to anything in this article, I thought you would just like to know

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Hello my fellow Bayern fans and welcome back to the Daily Schmankerl

Hey everyone! It’s Wednesday and there are no international or UEFA games for us to tune into. Have no fear though! Your fifth favorite Fear The Wall writer is back with everyone’s favorite: The Daily Bee! It’s been a difficult time toiling in the content mines to find content to write about but, unfortunately for Giovanni Reyna’s muscular calves, content was found!

Gregg Berhalter Continues to Conspire Against Borussia Dortmund

A year ago, Giovanni Reyna was having one of his best starts to the season for Borussia Dortmund as he looked ready to become a regular starter for his side. However, the USMNT had other ideas, as our prodigal son was hurt on international duty. Fast forward a year later to the same September window and Reyna comes off injured for the national side once again. In the U.S’s riveting game against Saudi Arabia, the young midfielder was taken off at the 30th minute due to precautionary measures. According to reports, Gio felt something in his calf and that was a good enough reason not to risk it for head coach Gregg Berhalter (Tripple G as us propper journalists call him). Will he be back healthy for Dortmund? I doubt it! Would I risk it all for him to have functioning legs once again? Absolutely!

Naby Keita Might Swap Liverpool for Dortmund

It’s rumored that current Liverpool midfielder, Naby Keita, might opt to join Borussia Dortmund in the January window as his contract is running out. Keita, who formerly played with RB Leipzig, was sensational during his spell in the Bundesliga and was touted for big things when he moved to Liverpool. In the end, his spell in England has been everything but sensational. I’m not sure how reliable these rumors are, I’m guessing not at all, but I wouldn’t be displeased if he landed at Dortmund. Apart from his worrying injury history, Keita is a very good player with Bundesliga experience and Dortmund’s midfield is looking pretty thin. Sounds like he would fit right in!

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