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The Daily Bee: England, Germany, and the USA all Lose on Friday

Italy v England: UEFA Nations League - League Path Group 3 Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Somebody out there should really take my phone and/or laptop away. On Friday’s Daily Bee, I highlighted three national teams that I thought you guys would be interested: England, Germany, and the United States. As it turned out, all three teams I mentioned would go on to put in listless, uninspired performances, and all three suffered defeats. At least two of them (England and the USA) are now knee-deep in rumors that their managers will be fired, or at least various folks claiming that their managers should be fired.

In any case, Germany plays England in the Nations League today, and no matter the result, at least one set of fans will be very upset. I’m sure everyone in the comments will be nice and rational about this one.

Now as I understand, the kids these days are really interested in some fancy-shmancy Nintendo game called “FIFA 23” or something like that, and apparently they’ve assigned ratings to the top 15 Bundesliga players:

I don’t know how they arrived at these ratings, but because they are measured with a number, I’m going to assume it’s some irrefutably correct scientific algorithm whose integrity nobody could possibly impeach... not that anybody on this planet would want to waste their time arguing about player ratings in a fictional video game designed to be marketed to children and teenager.

Finally, I know this is a Fußball, not Football ( ) site, but this is so funny I just have to share it:

Hey, give me a break, it’s the international break.

The Links

  • The Guardian wrote a brutal criticism of Gareth Southgate following England’s 1-0 defeat against Italy.
  • UEFA issued a hefty punishment to FC Köln for their fans’ actions in Nice in the Europa League. They fined Köln €100,000 and banned them from purchasing away tickets at their next away game in Europe.

The Daily Buzz

What would be the Bundesliga’s equivalent of the Butt Punt?