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The Daily Bee: Various BVB Players Earn International Call-ups

Gio Reyna, Jude Bellingham, and others will be representing their countries over the next two weeks.

Panama v USMNT Photo by John Todd/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The Revierderby is right around the corner, and even across the ocean, the tension is palpable. Every single member of BVB’s front office is hyping up the game, demanding a winning result from the Black-and-Yellows:

There’s an international break around the corner, and while we still have the Revierderby to look forward to before that, I figured I might as well give an overview of the break. Many Borussia Dortmund players will be representing their countries in friendlies and the UEFA Nations League:

As always, let us engage in a dance to pray to the soccer gods that none of these players hurt themselves while on international duty.

Other Links

  • Kevin Großkreutz was in the middle of the crowd of away BVB fans at Manchester City, jumping and screaming with all the rest of them. What a legend.
  • Footy Scran Friday™: Salt Beef Fries at Man City. I was under the impression that salt beef was the type of food relegated to ration packs for civil war soldiers that needed to be slow-roasted on a bayonet over an open flame to be edible, not something a modern football stadium can get away with selling.
  • German football stadiums will host one NFL game in each of the next four seasons, alternating between Frankfurt and Munich. This year, the Buccaneers will play the Seahawks at the Allianz Arena.

The Daily Buzz

What should BVB sacrifice to the soccer gods to avoid injury during the international break? I would suggest a goat, but I wouldn’t want to risk offending Hennes the GOAT.