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The Daily Bee: England’s Record-Breaking Lionesses

I need a moment to celebrate the amazing achievements of the England women’s team, and the success of the entire tournament!

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I know Sean touched on it yesterday, but I would just like to kick things off by taking a moment to celebrate the Lionesses Euro 2022 victory on Sunday. This is a huge moment for English football, and it has the potential to spur on the women’s game in England in a massive way. It was incredible to see the packed out stadium on Sunday (and throughout the tournament), and they managed to set records for the largest attendance at any Euros and the biggest TV audience for any women’s game in British history (I believe Germany set their own national record too). That’s definitely something to celebrate.

I’m sure some of you were supporting Germany, and condolences to those that were. It was a great effort on the day, and you could argue they might have even edged things in the final, though I think it was probably one of those where neither side were clearly the better team. Nonetheless, Germany were well worth their place in the final and would have been worthy winners had it fallen their way. The good thing about supporting Germany (both with regard to the men’s and women’s teams) is that it doesn’t usually take long before you have something to celebrate!

The Links

  • Borussia Dortmund’s interest in Giovanni Simeone is concrete, but it’s not as far along as Marca claims (Patrick Berger).
  • Youssoufa Moukoko has been offered a new contract, but he wants to wait and see what his prospects are at BVB before signing (Funke Sport)
  • Timo Werner might be returning to the Bundesliga, with his old club RB Leipzig leading the chase for his services (Fabrizio Romano)

The Daily Buzz

Did you watch much of the Women’s European Championships? What did you make of it? And who were you supporting?