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The Daily Bee: Two Anticlimactic BVB Rumors

BVB plays on a normal day at a normal time this weekend.

Borussia Dortmund Training Camp In Bad Ragaz Photo by Alexandre Simoes/Borussia Dortmund via Getty Images

Ah, regular Bundesliga. If you wake up on the east coast of the United States like me, you’re used to setting your Saturday morning alarm to 9:15 am; 9:25 if Friday night ended late into Saturday morning. There is something about crisp Saturday morning air, no breakfast at all, and underperforming fullbacks that really says “Bundesliga football is back, baby.”

Dortmund faces off against Bremen tomorrow, who Sean will welcome with open arms back to the Bundesliga. I on the other hand am still sour about Bremen’s Pokal vendetta against BVB. It promises to be another great match between the two sides!

It seems that another 24-hour Manchester United rumor bug has sicked the transfer market, and this time it was again about Cristiano Ronaldo. A report arrived Thursday saying BVB was Ronaldo’s last remaining option for Champions League football, and the forward’s agent, Jorge Mendes, was doing his best to convince BVB of bringing Ronaldo on board. Even CBS Sports (who should be waaaaaaay more reliable than this) added fuel to the fire.

This rumor was swiftly quashed, however, and Ronaldo will not be joining BVB (even if one writer at FTW kind of wanted it to happen just because it would be wild and that writer may have been me but don’t worry about it).

In other news, Manuel Akanji’s transfer to Inter is already on the rocks. Shocker. It seems that another top European club does not want to pay €25 million for a depth option center-back who is looking to be their top-earning player.


Let’s cap this off with some Scran, shall we?

This was the subject of some HUGE debate in the comments because, in theory, once you put a topping (ham) on a Margherita pizza, it is no longer a Margherita pizza. This, I must fundamentally agree with, as I have a lot of Italian ancestors who may cast me into Hell if I say otherwise. Still, it looks delicious and that's cheap eating.

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