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Fear the Wall is Seeking Writers for the 2022-23 Season

Are your opinions so important and well-reasoned that you just have to share them with other people? Sign up today!

This might well be the most anticipated Borussia Dortmund season of the last decade, and we here at Fear the Wall want to make sure that we have the requisite staff to cover every moment of Bundesliga and Champions League action. Going beyond this season, we have big plans for the future of this site. We want to grow both in terms of the quantity and the quality of content that we put out. To accomplish this, we hope to increase our staff by bringing on talented writers who are passionate about BVB and want to write articles that are fun to read and provide interesting perspectives to their readers.

We are primarily looking for folks with the following qualifications:

  • Professional or academic writing experience
  • Decent understanding of football tactics and statistics
  • Knowledge of German is a plus, but not required

As a writer for Fear the Wall, you’ll be able to write pretty much whatever you want, as long as it’s well argued and well written. Are you interested in the transfer market? You can write about that. Are you interested in sports analytics? You can write about that. Are you interested in the history of the club? You can write about that.

If you’re interested, please send an email to If you’ve been a member of Fear the Wall for a while, and especially if you’re a frequent commenter, please let us know! We know that the best and most committed writers are the ones that are active participants in the community.

In the body of your email, please give:

  1. A brief description of your background including where you are from, where you attended/are currently attending university, or any professional experience you feel may be relevant. Feel free to include a CV, but don’t feel obligated to.
  2. A few paragraphs answering this question: How would you grade Borussia Dortmund’s 2021-22 season? Why?
  3. Your rough weekly availability.

Before you apply, please consider the fact that writing for FTW will be at least something of a time commitment. Over the years, we’ve had numerous writers eagerly join only to drop out within a month after realizing that it sometimes takes a few hours of your time in a week. While this is a volunteer position and we don’t have a hard article quota, it would frankly be a waste of your time and ours if you joined only to contribute once in a blue moon.

We’ll take a look at applications as they roll in over the next few weeks, and will aim to bring on a group of new writers before the season begins. We look forward to reviewing your applications!