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The Daily Bee: More Nico Schlotterbeck Propaganda

Schlotterbeck is a very good player and he will soon be wearing the black and yellow. What a time to be alive.

Hamburger SV v SC Freiburg - DFB Cup: Semi Final Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images

Good Morning Fear the Wall

There’s some interesting news floating around about Karim Adeyemi being the next move that BVB will announce, and the imminent departure of Manuel Akanji, but really we’re only interested in Nico Schlotterbeck right now!

A rather interesting tidbit that has been reported by BILD is that Mats Hummels was pushing for the Schlotterbeck move, despite this basically relegating him to be a backup for the club now.

If that is true, I think Hummels deserves some credit for recognizing that he is no longer fit to be starting games week-in, week-out, and advocating for what he sees as best for the club and best for prolonging his career at the top level. Everyone’s a winner.

If you’re not sure how to feel about this move, or you don’t have a good idea of what sort of player Nico Schlotterbeck is, perhaps this will quench your thirst:

It’s always a little bit difficult to evaluate defenders using event data, but what this does show, at the very least, is how well-rounded a player he is. He’s the real deal, and the eye-test should tell you that, but the numbers back that up too.

Notts County Lean All the Way Into the Stereotype

I think mushy peas are delicious, but not so much that I’m in any rush to eat them on their own. They’re an excellent accompaniment to something else, not a dish in their own right. But I guess Notts County disagree?

I mean, £1.50 is a pretty good deal for any stadium fare. But I think this might be pushing it a bit.

The Daily Buzz

If you think mushy peas are disgusting, have you ever actually tried them?