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Match Ratings: BVB Blow Late Lead Against VFL Bochum, Lose 4-3

It was a meaningless game, but the loss still stings.

Borussia Dortmund v VfL Bochum - Bundesliga Photo by Joosep Martinson/Getty Images

With second place all but locked up, with only three games remaining in the season, Borussia Dortmund had nothing but pride to play for in Saturday’s game against VFL Bochum. This apparently wasn’t an effective motivator, as BVB came away second best against a team that has been fighting relegation all season. Dortmund have now lost two of their three games in front of their home crowd since the fans were let back in.

I’d be more angry, but half the players we’re about to pan won’t be here next season.

Two more games, folks.

Starting XI

Marwin Hitz

Sean: 4

He didn’t make any *glaring* mistakes, but at the end of the day he gave up four goals on six shots on target. Bochum’s first two goals were well taken and would’ve been difficult saves, but they wouldn’t have been impossible either.

Sarah: 5

He wasn’t the best player on the pitch...he wasn’t the worst either.

Marius Wolf

Sean: 5

Good enough, I suppose.

Sarah: 5.5

He played well enough that I nominated him for MOTM. He was one of the most active and aggressive players on the pitch. But, while his attempts at making plays were many, nothing panned out due to quality/options.

Manuel Akanji

Sean: 2

He took himself out of the play on Bochum’s first goal by slipping at the last minute, giving Sebastian Polter the opportunity for an open header. His lazy marking also gave Jürgen Locadia to bring down the ball with his foot, spin, and fire off a shot right in front of goal in the 81st minute.

Sarah: 3

Really disappointed in this guy. It seems like that early slip just set the tone and he gave up. I expect more from him.

Dan-Axel Zagadou

Sean: 3

Auf Wiedersehen!

Sarah: 3

Another sloppy performer making mistakes that left us clutching our pearls way too many times.

Raphael Guerreiro

Sean: 4

It was a very Rapha-esque performance. His defending was sub-par but his offensive contributions were solid. He should have had an assist, but Reus bungled an easy cross,

Sarah: 3

Like Akanji, I expect so much more from Rapha. His presence was so minimal, I think I forgot he was on the pitch at one point. Poor defending and he helped pave the way for Bochum’s opening goal.

Axel Witsel

Sean: 5

He didn’t have a bad game besides his crucial 84th minute handball that gave Bochum the lead. An experienced player like Witsel needs to know to keep his arm down in a position like that.

Sarah: 4.5

Sorry, not sorry, but all I will remember about Witsel’s performance in this match is how he tried to plead his case to the ref about the handball. Bish, please. It was so obviously a handball, he might as well of just caught it with his hands.

Jude Bellingham

Sean: 7

Besides Haaland, Bellingham was BVB’s best player.

Sarah: 7

Preach, Sean! Preach! I, too, share the same sentiment about Bellingham. His attitude, his passion. He makes me feel every high and low with how he emotes and his commitment to the team and fans. He never gave up and never quit until the final whistle. We need 10 more of him.

Julian Brandt

Sean: 4

Sarah: 5

Brandt’s play cancels itself out. For every bright moment, there’s a blunder.

Marco Reus

Sean: 5

Although he did provide the assist on Haaland’s third goal, it wasn’t enough to make up for his abject finishing. He found himself in alone on goal in the first half but couldn’t beat Riemann, and scuffed an open tap-in provided by Raphael Guerreiro in the 80th minute.

Sarah: 5

No comment.

Jamie Bynoe-Gittens

Sean: 6

He was a bit isolated at times, but he had a few bright moments and provided the secondary assist on Haaland’s third goal. He was at his best with the ball at his feet, registering four successful dribbles out of eight attempts.

Sarah: 6.5

Even though nothing materialized for this youngster, I liked what I saw and it left me feeling hopeful despite the rest of the dumpster fire happening elsewhere on the pitch. His secondary assist for Dortmund’s third goal was quite lovely.

Erling Haaland

Sean: 9

As far as hat tricks go, Haaland’s was pretty underwhelming. He scored two penalties and a tap-in that he completely mis-hit that happened to bounce fortuitously into the net. If those three goals were his only contribution I would give him a lower number, but he had plenty other chances that would’ve been much cooler goals if they hadn’t been stopped by Manuel Riemann, Bochum’s keeper, who put in a stellar performance yesterday.

Sarah: 8.5

It was quite nice to see Haaland score both penalties. As a striker, you have one job and Haaland performed it well. His third goal had Miro Klose wasn’t graceful or beautiful, but it was effective. His overall performance was above his teammates and he didn’t quit...he worked hard to create chances for himself and his teammates.


Felix Passlack

Sean: 5

Sarah: 4

I don’t wish to discuss the events that transpired after Passlack took the pitch.

Tom Rothe




Youssoufa Moukoko


Antonios Papadapolous



Sean: 3

I’d be more pissed about this game, but the season’s basically already over and half these players are going to be gone next season anyway. It’s patently obvious that most of them are going through the motions at this point. I’d have been furious if I’d been in the crowd, though, and it’s no surprise to me that the players were whistled off the pitch.

Sarah: 3

Ok, there’s nothing BVB is really playing for at this stage. Champions League play is secured. No one remembers who finishes second in a Bundesliga season. So, what else is there? How about fun and the fans? The Westfalenstadion only just recently started filling to capacity; why not capitalize on that and have a good freaking time? Instead, I have no clue at all what is going on in the squad’s collective mind. I look at a player like Haaland, all but guaranteed to be leaving this summer, and he gave it his all, netted three goals and played the freaking game! Out of all of them, he has the biggest excuse to phone it in. At any rate...someone please wake me when it’s August.