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The Daily Bee: Erling Haaland Injured Against Armenia


Good morning, folks.

Erling Haaland Injured During International Play

Erling Haaland was subbed off at the half during Norway’s 9-0 throttling of Armenia in an international friendly, following what appeared to be a fairly painful ankle injury. I’m not going to embed it because it looks pretty nasty, but if you haven’t eaten today, you can see it here.

Armenia’s players clearly didn’t take the term “friendly” to heart, as they repeatedly targeted Haaland with dangerous tackles. Haaland was able to play and even score a goal after the tackle I linked to above, but he was subbed off after 45’ for “precautionary reasons.” Hopefully this won’t put him out for long.

Jude Bellingham Dominates vs Ivory Coast

England played the Ivory Coast in an International Friendly yesterday, and BVB’s own Jude Bellingham was front and center in all the action. His name didn’t end up on the scoresheet, but he was still such a boss in midfield that he was awarded Player of the Match by BT Sport:

Footy Scran of the Day

As an American, if there’s one thing I can appreciate, it’s a stadium hot dog with all the fixins. Let’s see how they do it at Salford City:

I’m sure this hot dog tastes fine, although I’m not sure how I feel about the crunchy onions (?). However, I do believe the price is a bit deceptive, because it doesn’t seem to factor in the price of all the antacids and plumbing work you’re going to need within 24-36 hours of eating it.