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The Daily Bee: USMNT Celebrate Qualifying for the World Cup... Before Having Qualified for the World Cup

It looks like it was just a mix up, but it’s embarrassing nonetheless.

Panama v USMNT Photo by Roy K. Miller/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Good Morning Fear the Wall

The USMNT have as good as qualified for the World Cup, just needing to not lose 6-0 to Costa Rica in the final qualifying game. However, the fact remains that they haven’t actually officially qualified yet. It’s one of those where the fans can basically celebrate this as a job done, but the team themselves have to concentrate on making it official... Which is why they probably shouldn’t have done this:

Deary me. It’s pretty much true that they’ve qualified, but it’s still a really bad look to start celebrating before the job is actually officially done. Reports suggest the players were given the banner and they didn’t actually know what it said (and they dropped it once they realized), so it was probably a mix up rather than a staggering display of arrogance. That’s both funny and embarrassing, but it’s a much better look than the players thinking it’s okay!

Some More South London Scran

After Tooting caught some heat round here for the jerk chicken pasta (I’ve never had it but I’ve heard really good things), I thought I’d share some more of South London’s finest.

I have actually had that jerk chicken from the spot just round the corner from Selhurst Park, and I can confirm that it is delicious. AFC Wimbledon’s jerk chicken doesn’t look quite as good, but it still looks solid. I wouldn’t be turning down either!

The Daily Buzz

I’m off to Madrid tomorrow for a stag do (good thing none of my mates read this because the stag doesn’t know where we’re going yet). There’s no question. I’m just showing off. Have a good rest of the week folks.