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The Daily Bee: Canada (Officially) and the USA (Almost) Qualify for the World Cup

Christian Pulisic did the worm, Gio Reyna has a fade, and the USMNT is one teensy step away from World Cup Qualification.

Panama v USMNT Photo by John Todd/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Good morning, Fear the Wall! Happy Monday.

Rooting for the U.S. Men’s National Team has had its ups and downs over the past few years, but yesterday was undoubtedly a great day. Gio Reyna unveiled a new haircut and played a nasty through ball

Everything that’s promising about the American squad was on full display. After putting in quite a few disappointing performances earlier in the fall, America’s main man Christian Pulisic stepped up in a big way, scoring a hat trick to help the Americans absolutely run roughshod over Panama to the score of 5-1. With this result, the US now just needs to not lose to Costa Rica by more than five goals on Wednesday, and we’re in!

... Not Everything Was Amazing

When you score a hat trick to help your team qualify for the World Cup, I suppose you get a pass. HOWEVER... if we could avoid these types of cringeworthy celebrations in the future, that would be greatly appreciated:

He didn’t even do the worm well. That’s what my lame ass would look like if I did the worm. I really expect better from our captain.

Canada Qualifies for the World Cup

The upper 1/3rd of NAFTA has qualified for the World Cup! Congratulations to them I guess.

Footy Scran of the Day

To any Italians or persons of Italian heritage who are reading this, please avert your eyes now:

I’m confused, did an actual human being really pay money for this? This, which looks like some pasta dish I might scrape together out of various leftovers from other meals, throw into the fridge and forget about for three weeks until I find it at 1 AM on a Saturday after coming back from a party and eat it cold right out of the Tupperware container?

Jerk Chicken tastes good, but I don’t see it going with Pasta very well. Also, this dish really seems to scrimp on the Chicken. Also, it generally looks like shit.

At least he got some beer to go with it.

The Daily Buzz

What are the odds that the USA lose 6-0 to Costa Rica and drop out of World Cup Qualification?