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The Daily Bee: Italy Crashes out of the 2022 World Cup


Good morning, Fear the Wall!

The European Champions Eat Dust

For the second time in a row, Italy will miss the world’s most prestigious international football tournament. The 2006 World Champions and 2020 European Champions suffered a shocking defeat against North Macedonia yesterday. After dominating the entire match but failing to score, Italy slipped in stoppage time when Gianluigi Donnarumma let a hit-it-and-pray long shot sneak under his outstretched arm and into the net.

This begs the question: is this better or worse than when the USA went out to Trinidad and Tobago? North Macedonia are ranked much higher than T&T, but Italy is also ranked much higher than the USA, so you be the judge.

Canada and the USA Fail to Clinch World Cup Qualification

Both Canada and the United States could have clinched a trip to the World Cup with wins against either Costa Rica or Mexico respectively. Instead, Canada lost and the United States drew, so both teams will have to wait until next week for another opportunity to clinch it. Canada will play Jamaica on Sunday, while the U.S. will play Panama.

Footy Scran of the Day

Peas are gross. They’re flavorless, mushy, you always get little fibers of their skin stuck in your teeth, and they look completely unappetizing. I will never understand why so many football foods in the UK come with peas.

What do you even say to order this at the stall?

“Good evening, I would like some slop please.”

“Some slop? That’ll be four quid.”

The thing is, as bad as it looks, I’m sure it tastes absolutely outstanding, because it’s basically a congealed mush of starch, fat, salt, and carbs. It goes to show that you can drench anything with enough gravy and it will taste good.

The Daily Buzz

What’s worse, Italy going out to North Macedonia, or the USA going out to Trinidad and Tobago?