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The Daily Bee: Champions League Round of 16 Complete

Lille OSC v Chelsea FC: Round Of Sixteen Leg Two - UEFA Champions League Photo by John Berry/Getty Images

Good morning! Paul is out, presumably getting prematurely wasted on St. Paddy’s Day (even though he is English), so here’s your quick Daily Bee.

The Champions League Round of 16 Concludes

O! How the mighty have fallen. Juventus, who are really living up to their nickname of the “Old Lady”, played like a bunch of actual old ladies in yesterday’s 3-0 defeat against Villareal, last year’s Europa League winners who are now on a mission to win the next league up.

Here are the remaining clubs in the competition:

Footy Scran of the Day

Even as a Spurs fan, I really expect better of Arsenal. Seriously? ARSENAL? I get it if your local League Two side is serving up some inedible-looking slop, but this is a top tier Premier League club we’re talking about here.

The cough fries cough look fine, if in need of a sauce, but the chicken burger is a sad state of affairs indeed. First of all, the chicken is maybe 2/3rds the size of the bun and looks burnt, there’s no lettuce, one sad-looking tomato, and a piece of tiny slice of raw onion that could be mistaken for a slice of radish. Also, why is the cheese never melted in any of these posts? It’s not that hard to put it under a hot lamp or wrapping the whole thing in foil after pulling the chicken out of the frier before serving.

No wonder they haven’t made the Champions League in years.

The Daily Buzz

What clubs would you like to see drawn against each other in the next round?