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The Daily Bee: Title Race... Back On?

Borussia Dortmund v DSC Arminia Bielefeld - Bundesliga Photo by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

Good morning, Fear the Wall.

So is the Bundesliga title race back on? If BVB beat Mainz on Wednesday, they will only be four points behind Bayern Munich. While it’s not likely that BVB will actually pull it off, Bayern haven’t been too great in the league recently, so it isn’t impossible either. There might be something for Dortmund to play for this season.

News Flash: Erling Haaland is Probably Leaving

A few days ago, the Daily Mail reported that Manchester City had reached an agreement with Erling Haaland to activate his release clause over the summer and sign him to a new contract. This report has not been confirmed by a more trustworthy source, so it may not in fact be a done deal, but the simple fact is that it’s looking more and more like Haaland will be playing for a different club next season. Manchester City do seem to be in the lead, but according to ESPN, Real Madrid, PSG, and Barcelona are also pushing hard.

Haaland has barely played for BVB during the second half of the season. He’s a quality player, but his constant injuries are frustrating, and the constant buzz surrounding his imminent departure has gotten very old. While the club will be worse off with him leaving, not having to deal with his constant shenanigans will be nice.

Footy Scran!

I love this Twitter account. I only learned about it a few days ago, and it’s my new favorite thing on the internet. It basically posts pictures of trashy stadium food at football matches, usually in the UK but occasionally elsewhere, and it’s simply fascinating:

Look at it! It’s a pie, on a “roll” that looks more like the hard tack that 19th century soldiers were issued, and green mush ostensibly referred to as “peas”, all for four quid. I have to say, this may actually beat spending $25 for some greasy chicken fingers and fries and a tall boy of Coors Lite that you get at most American stadiums.

It also beats whatever the hell this is:

Now I’ve actually been to Hungary, so I can confirm that isn’t a completely irradiated wasteland/third world country, and that they do have actual food there in abundance. I couldn’t even imagine paying actual money to receive that. I don’t care that it’s the equivalent of $1.29. You couldn’t pay me $1.29 to eat that.

The Daily Buzz

What’s the worst stadium food you’ve ever had?