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The Daily Bee: Roman Abramovich is Sanctioned by UK Government

The Russian oligarch has had his assets frozen by the UK government, including Chelsea Football Club.

Chelsea FC - Stamford Bridge - Roman Abramovich Sanctioned Photo by Stefan Rousseau/PA Images via Getty Images

Good Morning Fear The Wall

There has been a lot of discussions about the possibility of sanctions against Russian oligarchs being put in place in the UK, and what that might mean for the most prominent oligarch in the country, Chelsea’s owner, Roman Abramovich. Well it has just been reported that Abramovich is one of a number of Russian’s that have been hit by sanctions. Abramovich has had his assets frozen, which includes Chelsea Football Club, putting the Premier League side in a whole lot of hot water.

Obviously this isn’t BVB news, but it’s a pretty big deal, and as a South Londoner, I’m extremely intrigued in seeing how all this plays out! I feel for (some of) the fans and the ordinary folks employed by the club, but I also think this was necessary and should have happened weeks ago. The UK government has been ludicrously slow to act, lagging far behind the rest of Europe on sanctions, but it’s good to see them moving now. Chelsea aren’t the target here, and it’s unfortunate that they’ve been caught up in all this (it should force the Premier League to ask questions about the kind of people that it allows to own clubs, but that won’t happen any time soon), but it is what it is.

There have been some reports that a sale could still be possible, with either the UK government overseeing the process or rubber-stamping it, but it’s not entirely clear if that is true or not, or what the process might look like. It will be fascinating either way!

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What do you make of all this mess?