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The Daily Bee: Jude Bellingham Clashes With Own BVB Teammates

Nico Schulz and Axel Witsel both caught heat from Bellingham. Does he need to tone it down a bit?

FC Augsburg v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by Harry Langer/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Good Morning Fear the Wall

We’ve all grown very fond of Jude Bellingham. It’s difficult not to like him. He gives 100% in every game, is playing at a world-class level at a very young age, and he demands the same commitment and quality from everyone else around him... Except that last part may have rubbed some of his teammates the wrong way.

Apparently Jude has annoyed some of his teammates with his sometimes brash attitude. Just last week, the cameras caught Bellingham losing his rag over a poor pass from Nico Schulz in the second leg of the 6-4 loss to Rangers. He gesticulated and ran his mouth a bit, and it didn’t take much to read his lips. But this week he also apparently had a bit of a run-in with Axel Witsel.

I know many will argue that this is on the rest of the squad for not playing at Bellingham’s level. He wouldn’t have to shout at them if they just did better. I’d buy that a little more if it was just about Nico Schulz. The pass was poor, and I can understand Jude’s frustrations, even if it might not be the best way to express himself. But if he’s being disrespectful to Axel Witsel, that might be a problem. Witsel may not be able to compete at this level anymore, but that’s thanks to his body giving in on him, not his mind. Maybe when he has something to say, others should listen?

Either way, I think any conclusions about this dispute will be drawn based (almost entirely) on emotion. The fans have no idea who was out of line, or what the right course of action was. Perhaps Jude was needlessly disrespectful, perhaps it is a cultural divide, or perhaps it’s just that Bellingham was demanding more at a time that BVB have been well below standard. Who knows.

The Daily Buzz

It doesn’t matter what I put here, I know you’re all going to have your minds made up about this news, so have at it!