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The Daily Bee: Lets Keep Enjoying the Sule News!

He’s our gigantic fridge now (or in the summer, at least)!

Training FC Bayern Photo by Tobias Hase/picture alliance via Getty Images

Good Morning Fear the Wall

Lets be honest, no one is talking about anything other than the Sule news, so trying to eke out some other stories for the Daily Bee today would be a waste of time. Instead, lets recap some of what has been revealed since Borussia Dortmund officially announced the agreement with Niklas Sule, to join the club in the summer.

What has been made clear is that part of the reason for Sule choosing BVB is that he felt genuinely wanted by the club brass.

Clearly he felt underappreciated by Bayern Munich, and the allure of BVB was the opportunity to play for a team where he would be a focal point. So much so, it seems that BVB got a bit of a bargain! Sule is signing a four year contract and is earning a little under €10m a year.

The more that is revealed about this deal, the better it looks. Sule is a cracking player and Dortmund seem to have got someone that really wants to play for the club at a decent price. The increasing likelihood that Manuel Akanji is on his way out is obviously a real shame, but if they fetch a decent fee for him, BVB could end up with a significantly stronger defense going into next season.

Finally, the funniest part of all this is the fact that Bayern Munich learned about Niklas Sule’s decision to join Borussia Dortmund on the same day as the rest of us!

The Daily Buzz

If Manuel Akanji leaves, who would you like to partner Niklas Sule next season?