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BVB-Leverkusen Quick Reaction: So Predictable

In lieu of MOTM, here are some quick thoughts on today’s disaster

Borussia Dortmund v Bayer 04 Leverkusen - Bundesliga Photo by Joosep Martinson/Getty Images

Well, that was horrible. If you’re reading this: like me, you’re probably fuming over BVB’s horrible, disastrous, no-good, very bad 5-2 loss to Bayer Leverkusen. Normally, after a match we do a quick article giving our candidates for Man of the Match, but because the entire squad was atrocious today, we’re obviously not going to do that. Still, I want to give you guys some kind of reaction, so this quick blurb will do. Nick will have some more fleshed-out observations later, but I just wanted to leave one quick thought here.

So. Predictable.

The worst part about what happened to day was that almost everything about the game was entirely predictable. In fact, in my match preview, I predicted, down to a T, many of the problems that were on display today. This isn’t because I have any particularly special insight (I don’t), but because every single problem that occurred today is something we’ve seen over and over again this season, and frankly in years prior:

  • Full backs that overcommit forward, with no midfielders to cover for them
  • Lazy mistakes passing out the back
  • Poor defending on set pieces
  • Forwards that look lost without Haaland

Many of you, both in the comment section, on Discord, and on Twitter have pointed these problems out before. It’s quite alarming that the flaws in this squad are so visible that random viewers online can predict them before they occur. Marco Rose, Michael Zorc, and Sebastian Kehl have a ton of work to do if they’re going to get anything meaningful out of the rest of the season.

I could go on for hours, frankly, but I’ll leave the more in-depth thoughts to Nick. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone.