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The Daily Bee: Marco Rose Benched Thorgan Hazard Against Union Berlin

1. FC Union Berlin v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by Boris Streubel/Getty Images

Good morning, Fear the Wall.

I hope all of you enjoyed SuperBowl Sunday. For all the Bengals fans out there, I’m very sorry. For all zero Rams fans out there, congratulations. For all Detroit Lions fans out there... lol.

Thorgan Hazard Benched Against Union Berlin

According to Sport1’s Patrick Berger, Thorgan Hazard sat out of the squad against Union Berlin not because of an injury, but because coach Marco Rose was unhappy with his recent performances, and wanted to hold him accountable.

This is something that we haven’t seen at BVB for some time, especially for attackers. For years, this squad has lacked the depth necessary to even allow performance-based benchings. This was even true on Sunday. Erling Haaland’s absence made it especially risky to keep Hazard on the bench, but given the result of a 3-0 win, there weren’t any negative repercussions. Hopefully this will light a fire in Hazard, as his performances have been mostly mediocre this season, and the squad is going to need him down the stretch in the Bundesliga and the Europa League.

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Do you agree with Rose’s decision to bench Hazard?