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The Daily Bee: Hindrunde Hangover

Watzke rolls out some of his usual foo-foo.

Borussia Dortmund v Manchester City: Group G - UEFA Champions League Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Happy Monday, Fear the Wall.

Congratulations, fans! You have endured another BVB Hindrunde. Over the last few years, we fans have suffered through various archetypes of half-seasons, from dominant, title-contending to UCL disaster, manager firing. It seems we are in something of a middle ground in the 2022/23 season. A team in flux is struggling for consistency and identity following a summer of change. The end of the Michael Zorc era, the dismissal of Marco Rose, and the creation of a new look front line all promised massive change, but the outcome of that change has been anything but certain. Months later, uncertainty still characterizes the team and the season. It seems nothing is decided, from the potential for success, through the managers tactics, and to the players who define the core eleven.

Okay, that was a bit grim, but maybe with a shimmer of optimism? Onto the news.

Aki Watzke said a bunch of the same stuff he always does, thumbing through his Rolodex of excuses and explanations to pick the one he would call up after the loss. I thought this line was especially peculiar.

If my boss publicly stated “you know, I don't actually know why I fired Zac, he was a great employee. Something just didn't feel right” I would be pretty peeved. I’m sure Marco Rose is not sitting at home mulling over Aki Watzke interviews, but this statement feels exceptionally standoffish and irritating, fueling the argument that Rose’s dismissal was rash and likely, regrettable.

Watzke also took his usual stance at this point in the season, reducing the goal of the club from winning the league to qualifying for the UCL. Frankly, it is a card many fans are sick of the CEO pulling, this writer among them.

The Links

  • Watzke also made comments about Jude Bellingham’s future, read Fabrizio Romano’s report here.
  • The most Derek Rae type of tweet, reporting on the most Derek Rae type of comment from a player (Julian Brandt), here.

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