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The Daily Bee: Bayern and Napoli Win Big While I Become a Brugge Fan

Move over Ajax, there’s a new club from the lowlands in town to attract all the hipsters.

Club Brugge KV v Atletico Madrid: Group B - UEFA Champions League Photo by Joris Verwijst/Orange Pictures/BSR Agency/Getty Images

Hello my fellow Belgium lovers! It’s me, a lifelong Club Brugge fan who totally doesn’t subscribe to the underdog bandwagon, back with another Daily Bee. It’s Wednesday, so we are halfway through the Champions League matchday. So what does that mean for a content-deprived writer? Well, I get to tell you all about yesterday’s games!

The most notable match from yesterday’s affairs is Napoli blowing out Ajax. The Neapolitans scored 6 goals against the Dutch club in a 6-1 victory away from home. Surprisingly, Ajax actually scored first at the Johan Cruyff Arena but then proceeded to concede 6 goals as they shit the bed. The match represents the largest margin of victory for Napoli and the largest margin of defeat for Ajax.

Fear not soccer hipsters, there’s a new club for us to all pretend we have loved since we were conceived: Club Brugge. While Ajax are now yesterday’s news, their neighbors down south are making waves in the Champions League. Yesterday, they defeated Atletico Madrid 2-0 at home to top their group. They are now undefeated and have dispatched Atletico Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen, and FC Porto. I always knew my childhood club, Club Brugge, was destined for greatness.

Oh, and Bayern won 5-0 against Victoria Plzen.

The Link:

  • My article spotlight for this week is Zac Weilminster’s “Interview with Karl-Heinz Riedle and Ewerthon”. Once again, Fear The Wall had an opportunity to interview some BVB personnel. Zac did a fantastic job representing the site and the result is a great interview with the two former stars. Even if you didn’t follow Dortmund when these two played, which you probably didn’t, it’s an insightful interview about both club and country.

The Daily Buzz:

Sorry for the weird Daily Bee. I’m actually just wrapping up a move. So on that note, what’s the most important appliance/piece of furniture you have in your house? I’m trying to prep my shopping list.