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The Daily Bee: Hungary Fans Racially Abuse Jude Bellingham

Hungary v England: 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier
Same Jude, same.
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Good morning, everyone. Except for the Hungary fans who racially abused Jude Bellingham: I wish you a distinctly poor morning.

The ugly side of football reared its head once against yesterday in Budapest. While England’s national team was in the process of dismantling Hungary, its fans took it upon themselves to, instead of vocally supporting their team, shout racist chants and make racist gestures at England’s various black players, including Jude Bellingham and Raheem Sterling.

So these racist pricks are obviously terrible people, but something I don’t think gets enough discussion is just how pathetic they are. For a second, I want you to imagine how miserable you must be to have the mindset of one of the Hungarian fans racially abusing Jude Bellingham. You’ve been given the opportunity to watch the English National Team, which features some of the most talented players in the world, face your own National Team in your home stadium. It’s a chance very few people around the world will actually have in their lives. But instead of taking the time to absorb the moment and appreciate the quality of play you’re privileged to witness, you instead use it as an opportunity to vent all of your own impotent rage against a group of upstanding young men like Jude Bellingham who, despite having likely faced significantly higher hurdles to success, have already accomplished exponentially more than you ever will in your entire life.

It’s hard to imagine anything more pathetic.

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