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Hive Update: All We Do Is Win

Four teams, five games, five wins, and a total goal differential of 22:3. That’s what I call a successful weekend!

VfL Osnabrueck V FC VIctoria Koeln - 3. Liga Photo by Peter Niedung/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Borussia Dortmund U17

B-Junioren Bundesliga West

The first home match of the B-Bundesliga season arrived on September 18th when the BVB U17s hosted Bayer Leverkusen. This was a much more successful outing for the black and yellows: a 3-0 win.

Kjell Wätjen, Almugera Kabar, Gökdeniz Gürpüz, and Yannick Numbisie were out with injuries.

Jaden Korzynietz (8’) and Marion Ubani (10’) scored early to get BVB on the scoresheet. Raùl König followed up with a penalty kick goal in the 31’ to seal the 3-0 halftime score. The second half was sloppy from Dortmund - too many failed passes. Nevertheless, Leverkusen didn’t have a single shot on goal.

Substitutions were: Mats Brune for Nico Adamczyk (52’), Bismark Quayson for Vincenzo Onofrietti (57’), Noel Werner for Charles Herrmann (57’), Reber Babir for Paris Brunner (57’), and Mats Feckler for Raùl König (74’).

Borussia Dortmund U19

A-Junioren Bundesliga West, NRW-Ligapokal A-Junioren, DFB Junioren Pokal

The first English week has come and gone for the U19s. They traveled to Beşiktaş Istanbul on September 15th for their first UEFA Youth League match. It was a back-and-forth affair where the black and yellows came out on top 3-2 in the end.

Abdoulaye Kamara and Albin Thaqi came from the U23s to get this experience. Göktan Gürpüz was also back with the U19s. Jamie Bynoe-Gittens, Nnamdi Collins, and Isaak Nwachukwu remain injured. Good news though was that Julian Rijkhoff was back!

The game was delayed by about 30 minutes as the teams needed to change venues from the European side of Istanbul to the Asian side. The original stadium’s goals didn’t comply with UEFA regulations.

Luckily that didn’t deter our boys from getting out to a quick lead: Samuel Bamba from Göktan Gürpüz (17’). Beşiktaş evened the score with a penalty kick (27’), and then shortly after Bradley Fink sunk a penalty kick of his own (34’). In the second half, Beşiktaş had the first goal and evened the score once again (61’). The dynamic duo of Fink and Rijkhoff didn’t like that and the latter scored the 3-2 off an assist from the former (85’).

Substitutions were: Vasco Walz for Kamara (62’), Rijkhoff for Abu-Bekir El-Zein (62’), Colin Kleine-Bekel for Lion Semić (82’), and Noah Mrosek for Bamba (82’)


Back in the A-Bundesliga for their first home game of the season, BVB U19 hosted SC Paderborn 07 on September 19th. It was a successful 3-1 win.

The U19s got off to a very fast start with Fink scoring in the second minute. Rijkhoff followed up with a goal in the 33’. Shortly before the end of the first half, Paderborn was able to get on the board after a penalty kick. Kleine-Bekel was able to restore the two goal lead in the early bit of the second half (49’).

Substitutions were: El-Zein for Bamba (67’), Jonah Husseck for Mrosek (80’), Tekin Gencoglu for Semić (85’), and Marc Dühring for Rijkhoff (87’)

Borussia Dortmund II (U23)

3. Liga

BVB II traveled to SV Wehen Wiesbaden on September 20th. A couple of lineup changes: Tobias Raschl was back from injury and came into the starting lineup. Lennard Maloney took a rest on the bench for Christian Viet, who made his starting 11 debut. Luca Unbehaun, Marco Pašalić, Steffen Tigges, Moritz Broschinski, Marco Hober, and Florian Krebs remain injured.

Wiesbaden put the pressure on early and hemmed Dortmund back in their own half. Tobias Raschl had a great chance off long shot off an indirect freekick (4’). The game started to even out with chances on either side; Dortmund getting the more dangerous of them. Berkan Taz scored a beauty of a goal from within the box after a nice dribble and an assist from Viet (15’). The half waned on with Dortmund getting some good chances and Wiesbaden attempting to get anything on Drljača.

Raschl again had a monster shot to start the second half, but it was directed over the goal (48’). Dortmund was solid in defense and didn’t allow Wiesbaden to get any good chances. As the second half carried on, Dortmund was more and more content in just defending their lead. And it worked! The U23s were able to leave Wiesbaden with three points and a 1-0 win.

Substitutions were: Cebrails Makreckis for Ole Pohlmann(60’), Haymenn Bah-Traore for Viet (60’), Ted Tattermusch for Immanuel Pherai (60’), Abdoulaye Kamara for Taz (79’), and Maloney for Antonios Papadopoulos (83’)

Leon Klußmann (GK), Albin Thaqi, Timo Bornemann, and Guille Bueno remained on the bench.

Borussia Dortmund Frauen

Frauen Kreisliga A Gruppe 2, Frauen Kreispokal

The women had their first Kreispokal match on September 17th and wowza was it ever a game! Borussia Dortmund faced Urania Lütgendortmund and wone 12-0!!

Lineup: Schröer – Prinzen, Becker, Kaul, Heim, Lau, Gerres, Jung, Höhl, Glänzer, Zabell

Dortmund immediately put the pressure on Urania and got the early lead. Ana Zabell netted a brace, with the first goal coming fittingly in the 09’ minute, the second in the 22’. The pressure was kept high and within eight minutes another four goals were scored: Carolin Kaul (27’), Vanessa Heim (29’, 34’), and Lilli Prinzen (31’).

Ann-Katrin Lau scored a brace (42’, 49’) hugging the halftime whistle to bring the halftime score to 7-0 in favor of the black and yellows. Marina Jung scored one more goal (56’) before BVB took some of the pressure off. You can do that with a 9-0 lead. Thomas Sulewski made his first subs of the match: Annika Billig for Heim and Annika Herbig for Kaul (57’); Hanna Schneider for Allegra Gerres and Hannah Goosmann for Lau (65’).

The game was briefly interrupted due to blue smoke being on the pitch. Shortly after play resumption, Herbig scored another goal (73’). Laura Höhl (82’) and Goosmann (85’) put the finishing touches on this match. Zabell nearly had herself a hattrick, but it hit the crossbar.

With this outstanding result, Dortmund easily moves into the next round of the Kresipokal, which will be played at the end of October.

Looking Ahead

Borussia Dortmund U17

The next B-Bundesliga game is on September 26th when they travel to SV Lippstadt 08. Lippstadt has lost both of their games so far: 3-0 to Borussia Mönchengladbach and 2-0 to SG Unterrath.

Place | Team | Points | W-D-L | GD

1 | Bochum | 6 | 2-0-0 | 11:1 (+10)

4 | Dortmund | 4 | 1-1-0 | 5:2 (+3)

15 | Lippstadt | 0 | 0-0-2 | 0:5 (-5)

17 | Wuppertal | 0 | 0-0-2 | 0:11 (-11)

Borussia Dortmund U19

The next UEFA Youth League game is on September 28th against Sporting Lissabon. Lissbon drew with Ajax Amsterdam 1-1. Our U19s are in first place with three points and a +1 goal differential.

The next A-Bundesliga game is on September 25th at Fortuna Köln. They have lost both games this season.

Place | Team | Points | W-D-L | GD

1 | Dortmund | 6 | 2-0-0 | 6:1 (+5)

2 | Rot-Weiss Essen | 6 | 2-0-0 | 5:1 (+4)

16 | Fortuna Köln | 0 | 0-0-2 | 1:4 (-3)

17 | Aachen | 0 | 0-0-2 | 0:6 (-6)

Borussia Dortmund II

BVB II’s next 3. Liga game is on September 26th at Türkgücü München. They are an even 3-3-3 this season.

Place | Team | Points | W-D-L | GD

1 | Magdeburg | 19 | 6-1-2 | 16:8 (+8)

4 | Dortmund | 17 | 5-2-2 | 15:9 (+6)

10 | Türkgücü | 12 | 3-3-3 | 11:12 (-1)

20 | Havelse | 4 | 1-1-7 | 3:14 (-11)

Borussia Dortmund Frauen

The next Kreisliga game is on September 26th at SF Sölderholz. They won their first game 5-1 against Lüner SV.

Place | Team | Points | W-D-L | GD

1 | SF Ay Yildiz Derne | 6 | 2-0-0 | 22:2 (+20)

2 | Dortmund | 3 | 1-0-0 | 8:0 (+8)

3 | Sölderholz | 3 | 1-0-0 | 6:1 (+5)

10 | Lüner SV | 0 | 0-0-2 | 1:23 (-22)