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The Daily Bee: The Great Fluorescent Third Kit Fiasco

Borussia Dortmund are due to play in the Champions League tomorrow, and it’s unclear what kit they will be wearing

Good Morning Fear the Wall

We’ve all seen those disgusting Puma kits that have been released for a bunch of top teams in Europe this season. Borussia Dortmund were noticeable for their absence in Puma’s official announcement of this range of third kits. A fluorescent yellow jersey that looked a little like a training kit or a cheap knockoff had been circulating on the internet, and it was met with widespread criticism by fans. Rumors started to spread that the club was halting plans to release the jersey, as a result of the fan backlash.

That all appeared to be over when Puma added the BVB third kit to their online shop.

But not longer after, the kit was taken down from the site, giving fans reason to celebrate, thinking that they might have halted this gross mess in its tracks. This morning, however, it has been spotted online once again...

Bild has reported that there has been no confirmation as to whether this will be the kit that BVB wear in tomorrow’s Champions League game against Besiktas. There has been no official announcement about this unpopular jersey, but it’s unclear what the alternative would be. Perhaps they will wear last season’s third kit instead?

So now we have no idea what BVB’s third kit will be for the season, and I guess we will find out tomorrow.

The Daily Buzz

Would you rather BVB wear last season’s kit, instead of this monstrosity?