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BVB Charity Matches Raise €295,000 for Flood Victims

Borussia Dortmund flattened a pair of Westphalian league teams, but the result was far from the most important result.

Borussia Dortmund Unveils New Signing Marin Pongracic
Marin Pongracic scored in his unofficial debut for Borussia Dortmund.
Photo by Alexandre Simoes/Borussia Dortmund via Getty Images

A month ago, a series of devastating floods ripped through Northwestern Europe, killing hundreds of people and causing millions of euros’ worth of damage across Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Many small cities that suffered the most are in Dortmund’s vicinity. As a result, the club decided to help out some of the areas hit by the floods by organizing a pair of charity matches against Hagen 1911 and SV Hohenlimburg 10 of the Westphalian Regional League.

Even though BVB fielded what basically amounted to reserve lineups, with the occasional senior player like Julian Brandt thrown in, neither game was anything of a contest. The final score was 12-0 across both matches, with four coming against Hagen and eight more scored against Hohenlimburg.

You can see the full highlights of the match below:

The most important aspect of the game wasn’t the final score, but the monetary figure raised to support the victims of the devastating floods that hit Germany. €295,000 was the total, a sum that can go towards food, shelter, medical bills, and anything else that the victims of the flooding need.

While winning 12-0 in a charity match seems like a questionable choice, I think ultimately the players of the Westphalian league clubs will still be happy that they got to share the pitch with a few senior BVB players like Brandt, and that by taking a massive beating they raised a ton of money for flood victims. So if there’s anybody to thank it’s them, not BVB’s players!