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The Daily Bee: Robert Leavendowski?

Hahahaha. I’m hilarious!

FC Bayern München v Borussia Dortmund - Supercup 2021 Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images

Good Morning Fear The Wall

I come bearing Bayern news, because why the hell not? Robert Lewandowski is kicking up a stink and he wants out of Munich!

Okay that might be exaggerating things a little bit. There are reports suggesting that Lewandowski fancies a new challenge, and that he has his eye on the top clubs around Europe. However, the reports also state that he is happy at Bayern Munich, and isn’t looking to force his way out of the club either. Bayern have set an asking price of over £100m, and with his contract set to run until he is 35, it seems unlikely that he is going anywhere. You never know though, he’s getting on, and Bayern might see an opportunity to cash in.

Puma are Really Bad at Their Job

Ever wondered why kit manufacturers don’t just make a cross between a market knock-off and lazy training tops? Well, hold that thought...

These are complete trash and I hate them. And if you were wondering whether BVB’s might be any better?

There has been some talk that the negative reaction to these gross kits has led to Puma going back to the drawing board for the Borussia Dortmund kit, but I remain a little skeptical about that fact. Either way, it’s horrible and I want to get off this ride.

The Daily Buzz

What do you think to those kits? And why are they so disgusting?