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The Daily Bee: BVB to Organize Charity Match for Victims of Heavy Flooding

And fans will return to the stands when the season begins.


Good morning, everyone. Happy Friday.

BVB to Host Charity Match for Victims of Dangerous Flooding

We might not have noticed over here in the United States, but over in North-Rhine Westphalia in Germany, they’ve had some very serious flooding, caused by a series of heavy rain storms, that have caused dangerous flash floods that have taken the lives of dozens of people, and destroyed the homes of thousands more. The floods have produced some truly-apocalyptic looking scenes:

As a club native to NRW, and close to a town named Hagen-Hohenlimburg that suffered particularly heavy damage from the floods, Borussia Dortmund have announced their intention to help. CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke has announced that BVB will hold a charity match in Hagen, and that proceeds would go to helping locals recover from the flood.

I don’t want to post any specific links to charities raising money because a) I don’t speak German so probably couldn’t vet them properly and b) I’m not entirely sure I’m allowed to promote specific fundraisers, but if any of you guys have a few extra dollars to spare, I’m sure there are a few fundraisers on GoFundMe and other sites that could really use your help.

25,000 Fans to Be Allowed in Westfalenstadion

In more local news, Borussia Dortmund will indeed have fans back in the beginning of the season. According to Ruhr Nachrichten, 25,000 tickets will be sold for the first match of the season in Dortmund against Eintracht Frankfurt. I’ve gotten very tired of the so-called Geisterspiele matches with no fans in the crowd. Our site is named after the yellow wall, which partially gained its fame by the sheer noise it creates, so I’m definitely looking forward to fans returning to the stands.

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