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The Daily Bee: Chelsea are Very Rich and Very Interested in Erling Haaland

Will BVB sell their two stars for a whole lot of money this summer?

Norway v Greece - International Frienldy Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images

Good Morning Fear The Wall (it’s morning somewhere, leave it out)!

It’s a bit of a late one today, as I’ve been very busy at work. Sean is seething. He said he was going to have my parents killed if I didn’t get this damn thing finished immediately. Those were his exact words. So here it is.

Chelsea Pursuing Erling Haaland with Massive Bag of Cash

There has been plenty of talk about Jadon Sancho’s future, but now there’s talk that Haaland might be on his way too.

The Telegraph reckon it is £150m, while The Sun, who are infinitely less reliable and always full of nonsense, claim Chelsea are pushing for a swap deal including a big skip full of coins and Tammy Abraham.

Silas Wamangituka is not Actually Silas Wamangituka

This is a weird one, and also pretty dark. It seems like VfB Stuttgart’s Silas Wamangituka has been playing under a false name and is actually a year younger than claimed, all thanks to a pretty nefarious former agent.

Pretty horrible. Hopefully it doesn’t have a negative impact on the young lad’s career, and he can carry on lighting the league up.

The Daily Buzz

Would you take a massive bag of money and Tammy Abraham for Erling Haaland?