Why Selling Haaland Might Be A Bad Decision For Dortmund

The less competition in the German Bundesliga has been reducing the league to many differentiation since Bayern Munich took mantle of dominance since the turn of the second decade in the year 20’s. In fact, it has only been the Signa Iduna park’s team that has always push the Bavarian among the remaining seventeen teams that push for the Bundesliga gong.

More so, since the dawn of RB Leipzig promotion to the Bundesliga in 2017, they have not be anything else than a revelation for a team that was founded in 2009 and it has been a fearsome battle for the team that will settle for the second spot since Bayern Munich is presumably going to win the league and the resurgence of Bayern Leverkusen, VLB Wolfsburg and Borrusia Mochengladbach, the ever assurance of the UEFA Champions league sport that Dortmund have enjoyed since their re-incarnation 2010 might been vaporize if necessary action is not taken to ensure that the signa iduna park team is going back to where they belong, which is at the top of Bundesliga summit.

Conversely, it was a bit of luck and last gasp run of form, while the ever blazing Eintracht Frankfurt was in the dip in form free fall and VLB Wolfsburg was consistently inconsistent at the later stage of the league that ensure that Borrusia Dortmund could come back among the club that would be representing the Bundesliga in the elite club competition while they eventually settle for the third position in the log despite having the likes of Erling Haaland who is the most sought striker in world football currently and the creative ingenuity of England show boy, Jason Sancho.

However, going into the next campaign of club football competition, Borrusia Dortmund will be hoping to build on the late run of form they garnered at the end of last season for them to challenge for the Bundesliga, while they will be willing to push for the UEFA Champions league latter stage and probably go on till they win it.

But, with Jadon rumored to be heading to the Old Trafford if the right fee is agreed upon. But loosing Sancho and Haaland to the premier league team at the same time will be disastrous for the Signa Iduna Park’s team to bounce back from, coupled with the rise in play of the other Bundesliga team might signal a reason for the Bundesliga to hold unto their star man firmly, at least for this incoming transfer window.

Although, the Stanford Bridge club is filled with eager to bolster the obvious part of their team that need reinforcement, the striking department, which need serious transformation and elegance, with which Timo Werner have failed according to the Chelsea’s fans all over the world.

Even with the emergence of Tammy Abraham, consolidation of Olivier Giroud, and redeployment of Kai Havertz in the position as a false 9, the lack of Chelsea’s ability to kill of the game as early as possible has always put the team in strange position regularly.

More so the constant loss of credible opportunities in a match has always been the reason why so many are clamoring for the Norwegian goal machine, Erling Haaland.

Borussia Dortmund stance on Erling Haaland

Though, Timo Werner had always make up for his lack of goals with his eye set on providing it for his teammates while he always compliments the team with his intelligent positioning and runs that always give the room for his mates to explore but the goal poaching ability and the dead ball ability of the Norwegian might have been the sole reason why Chelsea is eagerly and perhaps wrongly coughing out an exuberant amount money for the service of the player that could potentially be among the Premier League’s greatest free kick takers if everything goes right for the Norwegian and the West London Club.

In fact, the potential of the deal between Borussia Dortmund and Chelsea for the service of Erling Haaland could easily vaporize if Jadon Sancho finally made his Old Trafford switch from Signa Iduna Park this transfer window.

It would be a disaster for the Bundesliga team to lose their two biggest attacking outlets in one summer without a proper replacement in sight, which might create a vacuum that would leave the club porous for a very long time.

Although, winning the champions league has always been the dream of any great player with which Haaland have the potential to be, but winning it with Borussia Dortmund seems unrealistic, while Chelsea looks formidable enough to reclaim the only trophy, they won in the just concluded 2020/2021 footballing campaign.

More importantly, since his arrival at Dortmund from Red Bull Salzburg in the winter transfer of 2019/2020 season, the goal poacher had been having scoring spree while he competes at the highest level with one of the Bundesliga greatest of all-time, Robert Lewandowski, the young attacker never shies away of taking responsibility for his team attack while he continues to wow the global audience as he continue his transition into the big leagues.

Moving to Chelsea might guarantee the athletic attacker a trophy or two in a season in which the Signa Iduna park team has failed to provide in his one and a half a year at the club.

Potential Benefit of Erling Haaland sale for Dortmund
The sale of Erling Haaland will probably spell a disaster that find it hard to find the back of the opponent despite having luxurious and vibrant attack minded player in their rank but with the potential loss of Jadon Sancho, the further loss of Haaland would be an incomparable loss to bear for the yellow and black team in the coming campaign.

But, if by the trend of their recruitment and transfer policy, Dortmund wouldn’t mind to let goal of their star man this summer if the right fee comes along within the region of over 150 million Euro at best.

With this kind of deal for a yet to be 22 year old striker would only bring more fortune for the club that have a keen eye on spotting some vibrant talent out of the blue, and who know, the money can be put in good use to finance an array of team that can compete on all front for all the available trophy from URFA Champions league to the lowest cup in the league.

Although, with such mega deal for the Signa iduna Park’s club, we might just be looking at another Liverpool on the making for which they would be able to dominate the Bundesliga for some times and probability UEFA Champions league but that would definitely not be in The nearer future but a cog that will be needed to ensure that all the part that will enable the finance from such a deal is put to good use.

And if right players and foundation is not accrued perfectly, the deal will just end up like Liverpool’s Fernando Torres deal rather Coutinho’s deal they aspire.

Why Erling Haaland move to Chelsea might be a bad decision for both club

With Lebeouf point view, it quite obvious that Haaland move to the west London club could be a bad decision from both parties; while Chelsea dressing room could cripple couple with financial destitute that Chelsea will be exposing themselves to with which they may be looking to lose a brilliant squad player in Giroud and Abraham which will further shrink the ability of the club to compete on all front come next season.

Moreover, Chelsea had always had a bad shot on striker since the departure of Didier Drogba, except the notorious Diego Costa and the potential incoming of Haaland might just be a good start for the world’s striking hotcake. But so was Andreiy Shevchenko when he moved from AC Millan to Chelsea, Morata from Madrid, Timo Werner from Leipzig, Hakim Ziyech from Ajax and many more.

Thus, the move of Haaland to the West London Club is not guarantee to be an instant success but a potential that could well swing on both side of success or failure and coughing out such money and loosing player in turn is not an ideal transfer gain for the Stamford Bridge club.

However, for Dortmund, it might not be a total loss for a club that will be selling the player they acquired for a region of €200 million at such an outrageous fee is quite a bargain to build the team back to it competitive stance that can challenge the Bundesliga champion for some years to come.

Possibly, the Bundesliga club might receive some high price with some players moving their way from Chelsea but if Jadon should move to Old Trafford this summer with Erling Haaland, the creativity and goal scoring prowess that would be left behind by the two will be huge for the club to handle.

Thus, selling the Norwegian prodigy to the Stamford Bridge club could be a bad decision for all the parties involve except the agent who stand to gain more from the deal.