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The Daily Bee: Jadon Sancho Move Approaches, and the Away Rule Goes... uh... Away

A slightly controversial rule will no longer apply in the coming season in the Champions League

UEFA Champions League 2021/22 Second Qualifying Round Draw Photo by Richard Juilliart - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Good morning, everyone! Happy Friday.

Jadon Sancho deal imminent

While nothing concrete has been reported just yet, it does seem like a Jadon Sancho deal is inching towards completion. As reported by Ruhr Nachrichten, Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United are only a few million Euros apart in their valuations of Jadon Sancho: somewhere between €85-95 million. With such a small difference, and negotiations coming down to payment structures, a deal seems more or less inevitable at this point.

Goodbye, away goal math

Away goal math, long a staple of online soccer discourse, is going away. Gone are the days of a 2-1 defeat being considered an acceptable result, and gone are the days of ties being decided without a single team winning a game. UEFA will abolish the “away goal rule” for the upcoming season in the Champions League. Now, two teams that are tied on aggregate after two full 90-minutes will go to an extra time period.

The REAL competition we all care about

Let’s be honest: nobody cares about the EUROs. They’re basically just something we pretend to care about to placate our boredom during the summer months. One thing I think we can all agree on, though, is that this competition is much more interesting.

Mario Kart is actually the single best method of determining somebody’s intellectual and physical talent levels. BVB.TV has featured quite a few races between BVB players, and this week it was the battle of the young’uns, representing England and the United States: Jude Bellingham and Gio Reyna.

In the end, it was Gio that won the day, beating Jude (whose performances greatly disappointed me, to be honest) in all three races. Gio got first place in the final two, but in the first race, suffered at the hands of some classic last lap absolute bullshit, with a one-two-three combo of a red shell, blue shell, and lightning that, had it happened to me, probably would have compelled me to hurl my controller through the TV. I wasn’t even playing and I was vicariously furious on his behalf.

Regardless, Gio was able to overcome his initial setback and pony on to win the match. God bless the USA.

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Are you happy that the away rule is being abolished?