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The Daily Bee: England Face Germany in Euro 2020

Renewing old rivalries, or something like that, I guess?

GERMANY-MUNICH-FOOTBALL-EURO 2020-GER VS HUN Photo by Shan Yuqi/Xinhua via Getty Images

Good Morning Fear The Wall!

Germany scraped through to the Round of 16 with a draw against Hungary, as the final group games of Euro 2020 were concluded. Group F was billed as the group of death, and it also turned out to be the most entertaining group, finishing with two wild games that both ended 2-2. Despite a valiant effort by Hungary (the team, not the fans, who did not cover themselves in glory...), the group finished with France topping the table, Germany in second, and Portugal qualifying as one of the best third-placed teams.

I’m going to spend as little time as possible on this one, because I’m sure everyone will be gross enough without encouragement. England and Germany will face off in the Round of 16 on Tuesday, and no doubt everyone will have lots of very normal opinions about the game, the teams, and the nations involved. It is a thing that is going to happen, and regardless of outcome, I’m sure everyone is going to be awful. What a thrill!

Uefa to Scrap Away Goals Rule in European Competitions

Elsewhere, Uefa have announced that they plan to abolish the away goals rule in European competitions from the start of next season.

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I guess it’s a thing that is happening. So there you have it.

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Which Round of 16 tie are you most looking forward to?