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FTW Fashion Police: Euro 2020 Hair Edition

What looks of note are our BVB boys sporting during this summer’s hottest tourney?

When it comes to team sports, opportunities for self-expression are limited. Hairstyles can say a lot about a person, are a fun way to experiment (given their temporary nature), and can set a player out from the crowd. Several Borussia Dortmund lads are sporting new looks whilst representing their nation during Euro 2020, so it is of vital importance that we provide you with the investigative reporting that you crave. Whose look is hot? And whose is not? Find out below.

Manuel Akanji: Blonde Ambition?

Akanji certainly disproved the adage that blondes have more fun when his Swiss side lost to Italy on Match Day 2. I’m not quite sure what motivated this dye job; was there a drunken night out with teammates à la Craig Burley’s iteration or was he looking for an image overhaul? Apparently, he and captain Granit Xhaka “wanted to set an example,” said Swiss Football Association communications chief Adrian Arnold.

Verdict: Regardless of the reason, summer is the perfect time to lighten your locks.

Italy v Switzerland - UEFA Euro 2020: Group A Photo by Chris Ricco - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Mats Hummels: A Hairy Situation

Mats debuted a clean cut look for Germany’s opening match against France. Days before, his longer tresses were still on display in the team photo. Unfortunately, his own goal turned this matchday into more than just a bad hair day and no amount of shear will was able to change the result.

Verdict: The loss aside, the shorter look is a win; leave the headband look to Erling Haaland.

France v Germany - UEFA Euro 2020: Group F Photo by Alex Grimm - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Thomas Delaney: Bye Bye Quarantine Beard

Delaney donned a freshly shaven mug to kickoff his Euro 2020 campaign. The look was very startling for fans, with some even speculating that he shaved mere minutes before coming onto the pitch. Perhaps Delaney simply grew tired of his patchy jawline as he’s gone on record that he doesn’t consider his beard “real.”

Verdict: Summer is an ideal time to ditch facial hair, but it seems Delaney is already letting his grow back in.

What do you think of these new looks and have they affected their gameplay? Drop a comment below!