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The Daily Bee: Borussia Dortmund Set Asking Price for Jadon Sancho

BVB may need to sell the young Englishman to remain financially stable.

Borussia Dortmund v Holstein Kiel - DFB Cup: Semi Final Photo by Alex Gottschalk/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Good morning, Fear the Wall!

I have good news for everybody! Paul is “busy” at “work”, so now you get five consecutive days of the Daily Bee written by yours truly. It’s only Tuesday, and I’m already running out of soccer news to cover. I was really hoping there would be some big non-story transfer rumor concerning Jadon Sancho or Erling Haaland that I could use to cynically farm pageviews, and alas, my hopes have come true!

I’m just kidding, folks. This actually does seem somewhat newsworthy. According to ESPN, Borussia Dortmund would be willing to sell Jadon Sancho for the reduced price tag of €100 million. This is, of course, a decrease of €20 million from BVB’s asking price for Sancho last summer.

While it would be nice if Borussia Dortmund could keep Sancho, it seems more and more that it may be financially untenable to do so. The club has lost a lot of revenue during the Pandemic, and is at threat to lose even more if BVB miss out on the Champions League. Meanwhile, the front office has a laundry list of transfers to make, including but not limited to a new goalkeeper, a center back, and in the wake of Mateu Morey’s recent grave injury, a right back as well. A massive transfer fee from selling Jadon Sancho may be the only way for BVB to fill these gaps while remaining financially stable. If you need an example of what happens when you miss out on large transfer fees, you need only look at Schalke, and see where hanging onto star players for too long has gotten them.

Marcel Schmelzer is Back in Training

BVB’s legendary full back Marcel Schmelzer, who has missed the entire season following a knee surgery last summer, has finally returned to training. It’s unlikely that he’ll get much more than a cameo in any of BVB’s remaining matches, but it’s at least nice to see him up and running again.

The Champions League Resumes

Today, Manchester City will face PSG in the Champions League. City have the advantage, with a 2-1 aggregate lead, and the away goal advantage. PSG will need to score at least two to win, while ideally keeping a clean sheet, or at most conceding a single goal.

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Do you think that BVB should accept €100 million for Sancho?