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The Daily Bee: Stop. Changing. Coaches. Please.

Just pick your damn managers and stick with them


Good morning, everyone.

Coaching Carousel Ep. 1340: Oliver Glasner Leaves Wolfsburg for Eintracht Frankfurt

Okay, what the heck is going on? Why is every coach in the Bundesliga playing one big game of musical chairs? Doesn’t anybody believe in sticking around for the sake of building a project anymore?

In what can’t even be described as a lateral move, Wolfsburg’s head coach, Oliver Glasner, has officially agreed to join Eintracht Frankfurt, signing a contract until 2024.

Frankly, I don’t understand this move. Oliver Glasner helped push Wolfsburg into a Champions League spot, beating out Eintracht Frankfurt in the process, no less. Wolfsburg arguably have the stronger squad and more money at their disposal. It makes zero sense for Glasner to now jump ship to a club that only made the Europa League. He must have been either offered a large pay raise, notified that Wolfsburg were about to do a major selloff, or he must have been promised a large spending spree by Frankfurt.

Europa League Final

I only just realized this, but apparently the EL final is today. It feels weird having a big European final on a weekday. From what I understand, the impact of today’s match could actually impact BVB, because if Manchester United win, Dortmund will be in Pot 2 in the Champions League draw in the Fall, while if Villareal win, Dortmund will be in Pot 3. To be perfectly honest, I doubt that will convince many folks around here to root against Villareal, who will be featuring a familiar face.

The Daily Buzz

Who are you rooting for in today’s EL final? If you’re rooting for Manchester United, why are you a bad person who hates Paco Alcacer?